“Slacker Radio review – Android

“Slacker Radio review – Android

With this Android app you can play personalised tune for you. you could pick out from lots of bands and tens of millions of songs. this is a wonderful manner to pay attention to the track you want to listen to, and track you genuinely like. And new with 2.zero, you could cache track for offline playback, a actually cool function.

This Android app has a number of cool features that make is worth $four.ninety nine per month. one in all them is superb first-rate streaming. you can get excellent satisfactory tune streamed to your device. also, you could pay attention to stations already created or make your personal! inside the seasoned version you can cache songs for playback later.

This app has a loose and a paid model. The paid version has greater capabilities, but you still must pay the $four.ninety nine a month for service. one of the functions to be had in the seasoned model is audio caching. This allows you to play music even when you don’t have any type of connection in any respect.

any other cool function on this Android app is limitless song skipping. you could skip as many songs as you want, but you want. some other feature inside the pro model is the capability to no longer see distracting advertisements, that is high-quality, but now not that vital.

any other amazing feature in this Android app is the capacity to peer album art, critiques, and bios. this may assist in case you need to get the song later or learn extra approximately the band. additionally, you can send your station to a pal thru e mail, SMS, or Twitter.

Slacker Clone¬†Radio has a few very exceptional functions that makes it one of these brilliant apps Android now lamentably that does include a cost. For Slacker Radio you should pay $4.ninety nine a month, now that isn’t always too bad, but the general public do not like taking away their wallet for this sort of service. It is a great concept if you love paying attention to track and coming across new song.”

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